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Life Can Be Unpredictable

The Envision® process is intended to help you better enjoy your life today and pursue realistic goals for tomorrow. It’s designed to help you monitor progress toward your goals, adapt to changing conditions, and manage investment risk. This process begins with a simple discussion to identify realistic life goals, state them in measurable terms, set priorities among them, and tie them to your investment portfolio.

Using advanced statistical simulation methodology, the Envision process can assist in finding the delicate balance needed to help you to progress toward your goals.

Envision Process

With your help, we can use the Envision process to help you answer critical questions all investors may face:

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  • Am I compromising my goals too much with my investment choices?
  • Am I taking too much risk or not enough?
  • Am I compromising my life today for tomorrow?
  • Do I need to reevaluate my goals or the time projected for achieving them?

Based on your responses to these types of questions, investments and risk tolerance, the Envision process may help you live the one life you have the best way you can.

Unlike financial planning, the Envision process does not include a detailed analysis of insurance, real estate investment or savings strategies. It also does not cover estate and tax planning.

IMPORTANT: The projections or other information generated by Envision regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results. Results may vary with each use and over time.

Envision methodology: Based on accepted statistical methods, the Envision tool uses a simulation model to test your Ideal, Acceptable and Recommended Investment Plans. The simulation model uses assumptions about inflation, financial market returns and the relationships among these variables. These assumptions were derived from analysis of historical data. Using Monte Carlo simulation the Envision tool simulates 1,000 different potential outcomes over a lifetime of investing varying historical risk, return, and correlation amongst the assets. Some of these scenarios will assume strong financial market returns, similar to the best periods of history for investors. Others will be similar to the worst periods in investing history. Most scenarios will fall somewhere in between.

Elements of the Envision presentations and simulation results are under license from Wealthcare Capital Management LLC © 2006-2016 Wealthcare Capital Management LLC. All Rights Reserved. Wealthcare Capital Management LLC is a separate entity and not directly affiliated with First Clearing.

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Using a strategic method of asset allocation, Trubee Collins & Co., Inc. offers advisory and portfolio management that conform to your risk level, attempt to correlate to market performance, and leverage the advice of your Investment Advisor.

Through an annual fee, (billed quarterly in advance based on the assets in the account), our platform or structure can help you to build a balanced portfolio that can hold stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash and other types of securities. Some programs give you access to exclusive Institutional Money Managers or affiliated Portfolio Managers. In order to help meet your objectives and risk tolerance, your Investment Advisor can help you select from the advisory and portfolio management programs available.

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While an estate plan can’t pass on your memories and experiences, it can help you pass on your assets in a way that reflects your values, dreams and the full life you’ve lived. Estate planning can also help you take care of your family when you’re no longer able to do so yourself.

Some common goals of estate planning include:

  • Helping protect your assets against the high costs of long-term care
  • Managing your financial and legal affairs if you become disabled
  • Expressing your wishes with regards to medical care, and designating an individual to make medical decisions for you when you cannot
  • Providing for your family if you become disabled or die
  • Minimizing delays and frustrations of estate settlement
  • Helping your family avoid unnecessary estate tax liability
  • Benefiting a charity
  • Controlling the distribution of your assets
  • building

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    retirement planning

    It’s easy to put off planning for retirement, especially if the event is many years away. But the earlier you start planning, the longer and more enjoyable your retirement may be. Through a selection of IRAs, SEPs and SIMPLE Plans with Trubee Collins, you can choose a plan that can help meet your retirement needs while investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, money markets or government securities.

    Your Investment Advisor can help you choose from these accounts and gain the control you’ll need to adjust your investment selections according to changing economic and market conditions or changes in your personal situation. Trubee Collins serves the needs of individuals, business owners, and corporations in establishing and maintaining effective retirement plans for themselves and their employees. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

    • Evaluating the best retirement plan for your needs SEP-IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans, 401(k) and 403(b) Plans, and Money-Purchase and Defined-Benefit Plans.
    • Helping you identify an appropriate investment choice and administrator.
    • Monitoring your plan to make sure that the components are performing optimally.
    • Working with your benefits staff to assist in complying with all ERISA fiduciary responsibility requirements.
    • Conducting periodic seminars for plan participants to help them make sound decisions.
    • Updating of plan documents to meet IRS requirements.
    • Lending Services

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    Life Can Be Unpredictable

    Events can dramatically affect the financial security of our loved ones. It may seem unlikely, but if your heirs don’t have adequate resources, the consequences can be devastating. If you were suddenly gone tomorrow, would your current resources be adequate to provide for the expenses your survivors would face?


    The following expenses may arise immediately:

    • Funeral and estate settlement
    • Mortgage/rent and other debts
    • Emergency expenses
    • Education/child-care costs

    Besides needing immediate cash, your survivors will also face lifestyle changes that result in ongoing long-term expenses—generally about 80% of your current after-tax household income. Life insurance may be a simple and economical way to fund your survivors’ immediate and ongoing needs.

    A Survivor Needs analysis can help you and your Trubee Collins Investment Advisor make smart decisions now—helping to give you the confidence of knowing that your family’s financial needs will be met.

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